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Dog Beds

Have you come home to find that your big dog has taken over your couch or bed, like you see here?!?  Extra large pets need their own orthopedic memory foam bed, just as us humans do.  As much time as we spend buying a comfortable bed for ourselves, we should do the same for our extra big dogs. An extra large pet bed gives a dog great comfort, security and warmth.  And there are a lot of different types of large pet beds to choose from, including the orthopedic memory foam dog beds. 

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Soggy Doggy Super SnoozerSoggy Doggy Super Snoozer
Snoozer Quiltie Dog BedsSnoozer Quiltie Dog Beds
Snoozer Luxury Microsuede Cozy Cave Dog BedSnoozer Luxury Microsuede Cozy Cave Dog Bed
Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog BedSnoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed
Snoozer Bolster Dog BedsSnoozer Bolster Dog Beds
Sherpa Bagel BedSherpa Bagel Bed
Restless Tails Pet Couch BedRestless Tails Pet Couch Bed
Ortho Thermo-BedOrtho Thermo-Bed
Midwest Quiet Time Pet BedMidwest Quiet Time Pet Bed
Midwest Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre BedMidwest Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre Bed
Microvelvet Bagel BedMicrovelvet Bagel Bed
Mammoth Round Couch Dog BedsMammoth Round Couch Dog Beds
Mammoth Pet Bed MatsMammoth Pet Bed Mats
Mammoth Pet Bed Mat Cover OnlyMammoth Pet Bed Mat Cover Only
Mammoth Outdoor Dog BedsMammoth Outdoor Dog Beds
Mammoth Oblong XXL Dog Bed CoverMammoth Oblong XXL Dog Bed Cover
Mammoth Oblong Dog BedsMammoth Oblong Dog Beds
Mammoth Donut Dog BedsMammoth Donut Dog Beds
Mammoth Dog Couch Double DonutMammoth Dog Couch Double Donut
Mammoth Couch Dog BedsMammoth Couch Dog Beds
Luxury Pet Sofa Dog Bed by Snoozer Pet BedsLuxury Pet Sofa Dog Bed by Snoozer Pet Beds
Lounger BedLounger Bed
Cool Bed IIICool Bed III
Classic Sleep-ezzClassic Sleep-ezz

What are the benefits of having a pet bed?

Dogs spend most of their days sleeping or lying down.  Your large pet is either going to lie on the floor or on something comfortable, whether that be an extra large orthopedic memory foam dog bed or your really BIG furniture.  If you want to preserve your furniture, then getting an extra large orthopedic memory foam pet bed would be a good idea.  Many dogs also suffer from stress and separation anxiety.  Picking a good orthopedic memory foam bed for your big pet will overall benefit your pets’ emotional wellbeing as well. 

What kind of bed should I get for my big dog?

As your extra large pet gets older, joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis will start to kick in, especially for a big dog.  As painful as these problems can be for a human, it’s just as painful for the dogs.  Sleeping on the cold hard floor will only make the problem worse.  A good quality extra large pet bed, like one made with orthopedic memory foam, will provide support for their joints and insulation for your big dog.  Many orthopedic pet beds are either made of memory foam or consist of a memory foam interior.

Why buy from us?

We take pride in knowing how difficult it is to find products for your large pets and want to provide a one stop shop to finding items like an orthopedic memory foam bed that caters specifically to the giant breed dogs.  We have a great selection of extra large orthopedic memory foam pet beds!  Whether you need a big bed made with memory or orthopedic foam, a cool bed, a landing pad, an extra large size pet mat, or perhaps just a dog cover to make your own pet bed using pillows, we have it in a size big enough for your dog!  

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