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Crate Training Your Dog - Easy To Follow Dog Training Tips
By Mike T. Simpson

A home of his own within your home is how a dog views a dog crate. It's what to him is a his own safe and secure place that he can go to at the times feels he wants comfort and security. Some, that don't fully understand the benefits of a dog crate, believe that by putting a dog into one is cruel. It only becomes cruel if it is done in a cruel way. An example of this would be if your dog was to remain in the crate for more than a few hours. The fact is that crate training your dog in the correct way is advantageous for both your dog and for you, and you should look for ways to include crate training in you dog training plans.

While some dogs might take to a crate right away, others might be a little wary of this strange object that you want them to step inside of. You must always remember, the most important part of any dog training, and crate training your dog is no different, you must never force your dog to do something it is unsure of. If he is reluctant, don't force him to go into it. The correct course of action is to allow your dog to go into the crate on its own accord. Done correctly, you will see that your dog will come to love his crate and will choose himself to go there to sleep and get away from everyone.

Introduce Your Dog To The Crate
First off you will need to show your dog the crate. Do this by having it in the room and holding a much-loved toy or a favourite treat close to it so that he becomes used to it being in the room. Take time to play with him near to the crate and do this for several days. Decide on where you would like to keep it. Avoid the heavy traffic areas of your home but keep it in a room that you and your family spends time in. You mustn't choose an area or room where you seldom go into as you don't want your dog to feel cut off and lonely when he uses the dog crate. Once you have decided on the location, don't move it. He must feel comfortable that it will always be where he has become accustom to it being.

How To Get Your Dog Into The Crate
The next task is to get your dog to enter the dog crate on its own. A way to achieve this is to bribe him. Place a favourite toy or treat inside it. Start off by not putting it very far into the crate, just far enough in so that he has to put his head in to retrieve it.

You may find initially that your dog just puts his head in a little way and then backs out quickly. That's perfectly normal, just give him plenty of praise and encouragement so that he becomes more comfortable with it all and very soon he will just reach his head it and get the toy or treat.

You will need to repeat this crate training exercise daily, moving the toy or treat further and further into the crate. It would be a good idea as the exercises progress, to place his dog bed into it as well. You may well find that as he becomes more comfortable with the crate he may take time to sit or sleep on the bed and no longer rush to just get the treat.

As time goes on you will find that your dog is comfortable with going into his crate. When he becomes more used to going into it ate sit beside it and stroke him whilst he is inside. This will reinforce the idea to him that being inside it is ok. At this point ensure that the door of the crate remains wide open so as not to make him nervous.

What To Do Now He's In The Crate
Repeat the above steps. Remember that repetition is the key to dog training and endeavour to get your dog to remain in the crate for longer and longer. As soon as you feel that your dog has become comfortable with being in it, shut the door but at this stage don' latch it. By leaving it unlatched, if your dog feels uncomfortable, he can nose his way out again.

In no time at all, your dog will decide that he likes his dog crate and will go to it when feeling at bit insecure or when he wants to sleep. Please remember that when you close the door, always remember to leave him fresh water and don't keep him locked in his crate for long periods of time.

Crate training your dog is not difficult. It just requires you to be patient and tolerant and in a short while you will have a dog that is happy to use it. You will find further useful dog training advice and tips by Clicking Here. Training your dog is as rewarding as it is important. Click Here to learn more.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_T_Simpson

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