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"Make a Statement" Dog Collar"Make a Statement" Dog CollarYou and your dog will be sure to make quite a statement with this nickel-plated pyramid-studded collar.
"The Victory" Harness"The Victory" HarnessThe Victory Harness has a Y-shaped breast plate that diverts force away from a dog’s throat onto its shoulders.
B&B Dog CollarB&B Dog Collar
Braid One Dog CollarBraid One Dog CollarBeautifully handicrafted!!
Braided Heaven Dog CollarBraided Heaven Dog CollarFeaturing two braids
Brass Line Dog CollarBrass Line Dog CollarLots of Brass!
Brass Plate Dog CollarBrass Plate Dog CollarConstructed of premium handmade leather.
Classy Keir Dog CollarClassy Keir Dog CollarMost regal collar available!
Desperado Dog CollarDesperado Dog CollarBeautifully hand-stitched!
Dog Circles Dog CollarDog Circles Dog Collar100% Handmade Leather
DT Fun HarnessDT Fun HarnessDT Fun Harness is a blend of our Best selling DT Harness our with professional DTWorks harness.
DT Fun Harness with Chest SupportDT Fun Harness with Chest SupportDT Fun Harness now comes with Chest Support!
DT HarnessDT HarnessThe DT Harness is Dean & Tyler's best selling harness and with good reason. It's perfect for walking, running, hiking, tracking/hunting, obedience training, law enforcement / service dogs, guard dogs, emergency rescue, etc…
DT Works HarnessDT Works HarnessDT Works is an ideal harness for working breeds involved in Search & Rescue, K-9 law enforcement and service/therapy programs.
Hand Control LeashHand Control Leash
Harness Strap ExtensionHarness Strap ExtensionHarness Strap Extension for the DT Harnesses
La Main LeashLa Main Leash
La Main Naked LeashLa Main Naked Leash
Love To Walk LeashLove To Walk Leash
Night Walk LeashNight Walk LeashMade from high-quality nylon for durable, extended use!
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