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Big Shrimpy Original Dog Bed

Big Shrimpy Original Dog Bed

Big Shrimpy Original Dog Bed
Available ColorsOriginal Dog Bed in Walnut Suede
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The Big Shrimpy Original Bed is a must have for your precious dog and our planet! The Original Bed is a very comfy well-made bed filled with cushy SmartFill (pre-consumer recycled polyester fiber).

All components of the Big Shrimpy are machine washable and dryable, even the SmartFill polyester-fiber filling! If the bed gets soiled (urine, vomit, etc.), don't replace the bed! Just wash it! All of it! (Please note that the filling must be removed from the inner green ripstop bad to be washed and Big Shrimpy recommends that it be washed and dried at a laundromat. Click here for Washing and Drying Instructions.

The Big Shrimpy beds use 420 denier nylon packcloth, fleece, synthetic suede, ripstop nylon, heavy-duty zippers and polyester thread - materials used for backpacks and other outdoor equipment. The inner cushions are water- and odor-resistent, but if the SmartFill filling does become soiled, the outer cover and inner cushion can be unzipped to remove the filling for washing. These functional design features also allow replacement of the outer cover when needed instead of discarding the entire bed.

"Re-fluff" Factor - the loft of our beds can be restored by reaching in and "churning" the SmartFill or by washing and drying it at a laundromat.

Big Shrimpy products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of sale. If our products fail due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace them at our discretion. But! If a pet chews it or an act of God ruins it, we do sell covers separately.

A note about the recycled nature of SmartFill:
SmartFill is an unaltered, clean fiber taken directly from a waste stream and made useful again. It does not need to be reprocessed and converted into something new in order to be used in our beds (unlike many other recycled fibers, which must undergo reprocessing).

There are 2 sizes:
* Large 46"x35"x5"
* X-Large 57"x46"x5"

***Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.
Features at a Glance: Benefits
- Earth-Friendly Product - filled with recycled polyester filler
- Odor & water resistant inner cushion and outer cover
- Outer cover is made of ripstop nylon
- "Re-fluff Factor" - Filled with SmartFill to retain its form
- Completely Washable - even the fill!
- 2 different fabrics to choose from
- 9 different colors to choose from
- Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year
- Extra Covers Available!
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