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Solvit Net Pet Cargo Barrier

Solvit Net Pet Cargo Barrier

Solvit Net Pet Cargo Barrier
Net Pet Barrier Features
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The Solvit Net Pet Cargo Barrier keeps dogs off the seat and in the back (snoozing comfortably on one of our Cargo Liners, no doubt.).  The cargo area net pet barrier is designed for installation behind the middle to third row bench seat in all vehicles with headrests.
The patent pending design of the Solvit Net Pet Cargo Barrier uses a micro-mesh material which is actually easier to see through than metal tube-style pet barriers. The netting is attached to a pop-up wire frame which keeps the net from sagging and makes it a snap to install/uninstall.

The mesh barrier is attached to a coil metal frame which might “pop open” when removed from the pouch – remove carefully in an open area. The pouch should contain the mesh barrier and 3-piece support rods.

Dimensions: 36" L x 22" W - Weighs 1.0 lbs. The Cargo Net Pet Barrier carries a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Cleaning: Wipe with damp cloth or sponge and mild cleaner. No machine wash.

Installation: To ease installation, consider raising each head rest to clearly expose the metal headrest posts (they can be returned to their normal position after installation). Allow the mesh barrier to “pop open” to its natural, rectangular shape. Assemble the 3-piece support rod with the coupler between the two straight sections. Insert one end of the support rod into the small “pocket” at the bottom edge of the barrier. While bending the support rod slightly, insert the other end into the pocket at the top edge of the barrier.  

On each end of the barrier are two cinch straps – a lower set for attaching to the headrest post, and an upper set for looping around the head rest cushion. With the support rod on the “front facing” side of the barrier, wrap the upper straps over the headrest cushions and loop back through the cinch straps under the cushions. Leave these straps loosely connected for now. Next, thread the lower straps around the outer headrest posts and loop back through the cinch rings. Tighten each cinch strap so the barrier is centered between the two headrests. 

Optional: If the bench seat has a split in the back, the Sta-Put™ tube can be used for additional stability. Run the strap through the split to the front side of the seat and push the plastic tube into the space between the seat back and seat bottom. Tighten the Sta-Put strap so the bottom edge of the barrier rests firmly against the back of the seats (it might be necessary to hold the Sta-Put™ tube in place while adjusting the strap). The Sta-Put™ tube can be removed with a strong tug, but should stay in place under normal conditions.  

To “fold down” the barrier for storage, remove the support rod, then while holding the left and right sides, twist hands in opposite directions while bringing hands together. The wire frame should form three concentric circles. Align the circles then place barrier in the storage pouch. Handle carefully as the barrier can “pop open” if not held in this stowed position.

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